About GeekCLE


What is GeekCLE?

Geek + CLE(veland) = GeekCLE an organization that promotes geek culture in Cleveland. By teaming up with other local businesses and organizations, we come up with new ways to encourage the geek community in Cleveland. and always interested in meeting people that want to get involved. We think it is important to offer a venue for people to be themselves, share interests, and we are always interested in meeting people who want to get involved. Our site gives readers a way to find geek friendly places and local events in Greater Cleveland.

We love reading, watching and playing. Most importantly we love Cleveland. All of our efforts are to give back to Cleveland a little geek love.


GeekCLE Hosted Events

GeekCLE hosts a variety of events, from Book Club to Nerdlesque (nerdy burlesque!) to Trivia Night. Our events give people a place to hangout and meet like-minded locals in a variety of settings. We strive to keep our events as cheap as possible if not free for the public. We are open to a great variety of event ideas and have too many of our own. If you are a local business that would like to work on creating an event with us, let us eat tacos and discuss!


Volunteering and Charitable Work

GeekCLE has worked with many organizations putting on free-of-cost events by volunteering our time, and available resources. We feel volunteering is a large part of keeping these community oriented events open to as many people as possible. If you are interested in having GeekCLE participate or offer our community resources to your event, please complete our Event Application here. We of course can not be a part of all the events proposed to us, but we make an effort to help where we can. Please note that we are not an organization of monetary means, but a web of volunteers who have great ideas and enthusiasm for the local community not to mention our many fandoms.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? If we are in need of volunteers for a larger event we try to get the word out on social media, but you can also contact us.


Our Calendar

Our calendar is one of the more popular sections of our site, which collects all the nerdy events we know about happening in Cleveland. If you have or know about an event in Cleveland that isn’t listed, please send us a message with all the details. Our calendar listings are free!


Local Shop Listings

We try to promote our local shops, artists, creators, and professional nerds the best we can in our Cleveland Guide. If you are an owner to a local business that would like to be listed or have your listing updated, please send us a message.


Who has GeekCLE worked with?

We’ve worked on a wide variety of events with many Northeast Ohio organizations and businesses such as:

The Alan Cox Show  //  The B Side Liquor Lounge & Arcade  //  Carol & Johns Comic Shop  //  Clear Channel  //  Cleveland Comics  //  Cleveland Public Library  //  Great Lakes Science Center  //  Ground Zero Comics & Cards  //  Every Bar in Lakewood  //  Le Femme Mystique Burlesque  //  Rotten Meat Art Gallery  //  Ohio City Writers   //  Playhouse Square //

We’ve been featured on Cleveland.com and in Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland Issue.


Who is GeekCLE?

Angela, Rashad, Heather, and friends brought together by their amazing telepathic abilities, love of comics, games, and other things. Together they decided to form GeekCLE to unite the realm of Cleveland!

Angela Sellers

Co-Founder // Business Development // Event Coordinator (Member Profile)

angela [at] geekcle [dot] com

She grew up in the exurbs of Cleveland watching MST3K and Heavy Metal and now has elaborate plans of how she will be the world leader (in Risk).

Contact Angela for inquiries regarding advertising, sponsorship, partnership, special events and business development.

To read a GeekCLE interview with Angela, go here or here.

Rashad Bell

Co-Founder // Op Ed & Feature Editor (Member Profile)

rashad [at] geekcle [dot] com

When Rashad was young an unfortunate encounter with a  gypsy lead to him being cursed to never amount to anything in his life. Setting out to prove that curses are not real he watched a ton of cartoons and read many a comic book. He also likes to play games but it seems that part of the curse means he’s not allowed to win anything ever.

Contact Rashad if you are interested in submitting your original opinion pieces, editorials or other feature content for the website.

To read a GeekCLE interview with Rashad, go here or here.


Heather Tripp

Editor In Chief (Member Profile)

heather [at] geekcle [dot] com

Formerly and presently of Heavy Metal Science Club, Heather regulates the Official GeekCLE Book Club and writes for the site. She loves science, heavy metal, whiskey, unicorns, March Madness, comic books, sci-fi & horror TV shows and an excuse to talk about any of those things, but not necessarily all at the same time.

Contact Heather if you are interested in submitting your original work to weekly columns for the website .

Mike Kane

Interactive Electronics Consultant (Member Profile)
Mike manages multiple events pertaining to the arts of video gaming. Contact Mike to chat about it.

Cori Coggins

Art Director (Member Profile)
Master of arts and works. In her own words, “I’m Cori, the secret and seemingly impossible love child of Jim Henson and MacGyver. I used my inherited skills to draw pictures and make artwork. Preparing for the day I will need to save the world from danger using a twist-tie, a stick of gum, and a sock with ping-pong ball eyes glued onto it.” Cori’s work can be seen here.

Robin Latkovich

Staff Writer (Member Profile)

Robin is an artist/illustrator who is still trying to figure to out how to use his powers for evil. In the mean time, he keeps himself busy with gaming, travel, collecting weird old books, and writing about any and all of the above. He is easily impressed by most movies, and reviews them regularly for GeekCLE.

Robin’s artwork and assorted other nonsense can be seen here. Contact him if you want some sort of curse put on you.

Justin Tripp

Staff Writer (Member Profile)

Justin is a wandering prince of the universe, a journeyman, a warrior poet, not the warrior bit. definitely not the warrior bit. He is a non-native of Oakland, California but a native of the world. Turned loose like the song by Loverboy to explore and record the joys, the agonies, the delights, the oddities of video games, comic books, movies, television, and all the things that make life worth…well, life. His mantra is “show no fear in the face of your lovelies”.

Contact Justin to chat about FIFA.

Stephanie Holtz

Social Media Princess (Member Profile)

Stephanie is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan when she’s not reviewing movies. She’s also funny and really good at doing squats while playing video games.

Contact Stephanie by means of all GeekCLE social medias or @brutalstephanie on Twitter.


Interested in getting involved? We’re always looking for people interested in joining our efforts, so please contact us.